Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pony kart.why

Yep this is happening.
As the post below might have indicated i will be taking the blog in a new direction.

Gone will be following the league of legends scene.

Don't know what I'll make posts about probably more posts about....

Adrian "nerdy face but a six pack that could melt ice and the hearts of north America" Brody

Who knows.

Look at this motherfucker? See him. How fucking bad ass is this motherfucker?

This post will be devoted to how much I love Adrian Brody.

Man how great was The experiment? I mean Jesus Christ it was Adrian Brody and it was Forest Whitaker and they were both awesome in an awesome movie. Oh man you like artsy shit? Hes got artsy shit check out that pianist shit. That mother fucker won so many fucking Oscars. Oh baby hes great and probably is gonna win so many awards for just being the most baddest mother fucker alive. Check that shit you saw it here first.

Also there was like 10,000 league patch's and all you really need to know is the meta game got fucked up and everyone bitched about everything.

Holy shit look at how handsome he is.