Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nocturne! The Eternal Kill steal.

After playing with League of Legends newest champion, Nocturne the Eternal Nightmare, I have come to a conclusion. AD assassins are boring, No matter how cool there ultimates are. Let me elaborate, the following is my experience with each AD assassin in the game (not that i left out Poppy, Katarina and Kassadin because building them AD is wrong and you should be punch.)

Xin Zhao:

Charge, Ult, Stab, Stab, Knock up. Battle Cry, Repeat. (AN ENEMY HAS BEEN SLAIN.)

Twisted Fate:
Destiny, Teleport. Pick a card, mess up and get blue card. (YOU HAVE BEEN SLAIN.)


Charge, Equilibrium strike, hiten style, ult. (AN ENEMY HAS BEEN SLAIN.)


Ult, Where did everyone go? (B and buy items and cry that your ult takes 45 seconds to land.)"


Ultimate Super Awesome ULTRA CHARGE Voooosh~, QWEQWE (50/50 Chance on you dying or acing them you feeling lucky punk?)


I tried to jungle with him once and i died to blue pill. I was so embarrassed that I never played him again. So mite b cool I wouldn't know.


  1. True melee dps in general is just bad. Katarina counts as AP, Kassadin actually has an escape mechanism and Irelia is actually good, but most tanky dps/melee dps champs are inherently bad. Being in the middle of their team is a bad idea without survivability, but when you build enough to be in the middle of their team, you don't deal damage. You're basically stuck to cleanup duty which puts far too much burden on the rest of your team. Just my two cents.

  2. Interesting take, looking forward to more.

  3. Kassadin and Irelia are good

  4. Man, so many LoL posts...interested in trying it out some day!