Saturday, 26 March 2011

Upcoming Patch Changes.

For this patch they seem to be continuing to give power back to Garen with an increase to his base movement speed and a boost of damage reduction to his courage ability. This will, sadly, not help the fact that Garen is one of the most boring champions to play ever.

In addition to Garen changes Caitlyn will also be having a bit of a redesign on her Yordle traps. The change is very badly worded and its hard to make out exactly what will happen to the ability. In the preview it says "We added an extra maximum Yordle Snap Trap to Caitlyn, which will improve her team utility presence, along with an attack speed boost to give her a little more ability to scale into late-game damage." Now i understand the attack speed increase but WTF is a "Maximum Yordle Snap Trap" and how does adding one make a hero better.

Finally Galio gets a buff. His ult is bigger. That is all. Sorry big fella maybe next week. :(

For the official post follow this link.


  1. So they ignore that caitlyn does.....
    Wait for it....
    No damage at all!

  2. So instead of 2 traps she can place 3. Also garen will still suck.

  3. love LoL, thanks for this :)

  4. Good info to have, thanks!

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